• Is Media Business Retrofitting Exponential Tech?
    is Tech Retrofitting Media Biz?

  • Media Tech is no longer about operations
    Media Tech is THE STRATEGY

  • WEB 3.0

    Economy 4.0

    Are you READY?

  • Is Media Business Retrofitting Exponential Tech?
    is Tech Retrofitting Media Biz?

  • Media Tech is no longer about operations
    Media Tech is THE STRATEGY

  • WEB 3.0

    Economy 4.0

    Are you READY?


At the time of going to publish for this website, all the thinking about the website, the images and the texts were jammed and curated by human beings. But, is it going to be the case in the future too, given an AI-generated painting by Jason M. Allen won art award at the Colorado State Fair? This poses interesting questions around the coming role of AI in media across the value chain, between the creators and the consumers. For now, we at U-TO are co-experimenting along with our following product and service portfolio: 

Content Rights & Licensing Platform for Intellectual Property Management.

Airtime & Ad Sales Proposal Management System

Broadcast Management System.

Streaming Video Analytics Platform

Targeted TV Advertising for TV, OTT & DVB.

Advanced Subscription Management System.

Cue Sheet Creation & Music Reporting System.

Turnkey OTT VOD Solution


Economic Historian Niall Ferguson, through his 2018 book, The Square and The Tower, makes a curious case between network, hierarchies, and the struggle for global power. We, at U-TO, believe that one needs to dynamically manage the balance between the informal networks and the formal hierarchies. These formal and informal networks are being rapidly ra-hashed by media-technology disruptions across the world. Our journey has been built by carefully nurturing long-lasting relations. We welcome you to meet some of our associates across clients, collaborators, and partners. U-TO is additionally a proud partner to some of the world's leading consulting and SI companies for their global client pool.



Fast Facts

Mathematician Alfred Korzybski presented a paper on mathematical semantics in 1931. Through this paper, he popularized the idea of "the map is not the territory". One could say similar thing about Fast Facts. They do give some indicative of U-TO's expanse. But yes, it's only indicative. And in service of the so called "Attention Economy" tech-disruption is both causing and addressing, with narrowing attention spans, here's how you can know us in less than 8 seconds.


Channels Supported



Rights Clearances
( 1mn IP Assests )

800 mn

( 6000cr )
Revenue Managed


Hours of Original Programming


Outreach to various stakeholders would undergo a massive change in Web3.0 or the metaverse. Matthew Ball, Author of Metaverse, defines Metaverse as a massively scaled and interoperable network of real-time rendered 3D virtual worlds, which can be experienced synchronously and persistently by an effectively unlimited number of users with an individual sense of presence, and with continuity of data, such as identity, history, entitlements, objects, communications, and payments. But till metaverse comes on the scenes, we are reaching out via conventional forms of trade meets and also online. We are also working on launching a podcast soon. 

With our partners at U-TO Solutions in India, we recently completed moving one of our largest clients to the cloud with BroadView's #broadcast management solution. It was a challenging and satisfying project ... with great results for our client!

U-TO Solutions (I) Pvt. Ltd. #broadviewsoftware #askbroadview #nabshow2023 #nab2023 The Broadcast Bridge Broadcast & CableSat #cloudmigration #broadcastsolutions


IABM TV interview, Sumit Suri (Managing Director, U-TO Solutions)
Anti-Piracy Conference 2019


Steve Jobs is believed to have said that you can't connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking backwards. We, at U-TO, look back at our history of 23 years and owe our existence to good relationships with people (internally or externally), experimenting along the way, staying true to "problem-solution first and technology second" approach, going beyond designations. We feel humble to have participated in the following customer success stories:

Johnson & Johnson Limited.
Johnson & Johnson Medical Asia Pacific.
Johnson & Johnson Medical Taiwan
The Indian Broadcasting Foundation.
Reliance Television Pvt. Ltd.
NDTV Imagine Ltd.
INX Media Pvt. Ltd.
IN News Pvt. Ltd.
Group M (India) Pvt. Ltd. (MINDSHARE)
Accenture Service
Mahindra Eco Mobiles Ltd.
Ambuja Cement
Western Naval Command
Sultex Ltd.
Nilkamal Plastics
Hardcastle Restaurant Pvt. Ltd.
SSKI - Sharekhan

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"Signalling" started with the idea of asymmetric information, meaning one party having more or better or different information than the other party. In 1973 Michael Spence's job-market signalling model, (potential) employees send a signal about their ability level to the employer by acquiring credentials. And we believe that different forms of signalling persist during workspace interactions and lifespans. We at U-TO feel humbly committed towards humanizing workspaces even as they have a tendency for becoming more and more dehumanized. We are also constantly thinking about Reinventing the Organization and questioning the basic economic models of creating value and sharing value. 

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